Commercial Real Estate Mortgages

If you think it makes sense to buy commercial real estate, pick up the phone and talk to us about what you are looking for, let’s figure out what we can do.

Everyone agrees that now is a great time to buy Commercial Real Estate!  Whether you are looking for a new building, or you found something that you want to buy, our team is here to help you easily navigate the process of purchasing commercial real estate.  We provide location services to help you find business property that is ideal for your use.  We also help to research laws and ordinances concerning required use, permits, zoning, and title research.  Most important, our team will make the financing process as quick and painless as possible so that you can focus on your business and not worry about your loan.

When it comes to finding the best commercial loans, we are a one stop resource for everything from research to funding.  We research all commercial loans to find the lowest Interest rates available for you.  Nobody wants to waste time and shuffle needless paperwork.  We make sure that you prequalify before you start the application process. Our team is dedicated to efficiently meeting your goals and providing you the options that make the most sense for your business.

If you are tired of paying rent and you are ready to take advantage of the many benefits of ownership, from Tax write-offs to building equity, now is a perfect time to purchase commercial real estate.  We will start the application with a Pro Forma quote and let you know whether you prequalify over the phone.  We will need to know about Gross and Net Income and the history of your business, but most commercial mortgage approvals are available to businesses established for at least one year with strong revenues.  If you think it makes sense to buy commercial real estate, pick up the phone and talk to us about what you are looking for, let’s figure out what we can do together to help you reach your goals.

Commercial Mortgage Rates

Commercial mortgage rates are at a historic low. Having said that, now is a great time to add value to your business with the acquisition of real estate. Locking in a stable mortgage payment is a great way to forecast and fix your future Operating expenses.  With commercial mortgage rates being so low, your current or future rent payments may be higher than what you would pay to own.

If you are worried about having to come up with a large down payment, SBA Lending programs make it possible to purchase a commercial building for as little as 10% down. Right now, a small business can take advantage of the benefits offered to the more established and larger companies that invest in Commercial Real Estate for the tax write offs and the equity accrual.  You should apply for a mortgage for your business property if you know that you will be paying a substantial amount of rent for the foreseeable future, and you would rather put that money to use in a way that will provide a direct return on your investment.

Contact a Local Broker

We know the local real estate market and we work with business owners throughout California. Our clients prefer to work with us because we are a commercial mortgage broker that takes the time to get to know you and understand your goals. We will spend the time to research options that make the most sense for you, from 1031 Exchanges to location research, to title searches and more. Our team will provide the best options for a commercial mortgage that makes sense for you and the needs of your business.  At CYE, we take the headache and stress out of Lending and make it easier to Apply for a commercial loan. Call us today and let’s start working to reach your goals.

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